Tony! We miss you already

As quick as Tony and the band came in to sweep all die hard Spandau Ballet fans, Tony and the boys have gone like a Flash.

Tony, thank you for being so cooperative and accomodating! He never rested from the day he arrived. Promoting the show from the time he gets up 'til the wee hours of the morning. Singing at several television shows, posing for pictures, signing autographs and promoting at malls, and not a single complaint - a dream to work with.

Both Clark and Araneta Coliseum shows were greeted with full enthusiasm from Spandau Ballet fans and they were not disappointed. Tony, John Keeble and the rest of the band performed flawlessly. Tony is definitely at his peak.

People who watched were at their feet almost all the time dancing, singing along and cheering.

At the Araneta Coliseum show, one of the highlights was a marriage proposal by a creative guy from the audience to his date with the consent of Tony who was visibly amused and commented that this was history for him. A marriage proposal right in the middle of the concert.

As always, I'd like to thank the wonderful people who made the Tony Hadley Tour a wonderful one:

> John Glover, Tony's always smiling Manager
> Dave Williams, Tony's efficient Tour Manager
> Nel Ruiz and A. Venue Suites staff for their great hospitality
> Le Maison for the great food
> Ceso Calison, Hard Rock's hard-working general manager
> Maribeth & Man Rapinan - Wonderful Partners