6 SELL OUTS, 3 BIRTHDAYS IN 1 WEEK with the phenomenal AIR SUPPLY

Hectic Hectic Hectic!

Whew! I didn't know how we pulled it. Travelling everyday and having an almost perfect show and how! Sell outs in all venues.

The crowd went wind. There was almost a stampede. Everyone sang along including Mayor Bong and wife Vice Governor Gordon.

Driving along the new expressway from Subic to Clark Airport was a breeze. Clark to Cebu on Cebu Pacific, we landed past 2PM. Mad rush to Waterfront hotel for the soundcheck. Show opened at 8PM. The normally reserved Cebu audience went wild and applauded every song.

Back to Manila lunchtime. 2 hours rest and off to Araneta Coliseum. Rox Puno opened the show followed by a special performance by child protege Charice Pempengco. The crowd went wild from the opening song "Sweet Dreams" 'til the finale "All Out of Love". Madame Imelda Marcos was all praises for the sterling performance.

Another flight, another airport-Davao! Rain was predicted today but that didn't diminish the enthusiasm of the 4 block long queue to enter the CYO Gym. The gym didn't have air conditioning so it got hotter and hotter as the crowd packed in. Thank God the rains fell and cooled the gym. As in all the other cities, the crowd sang along with every hit dished by Air Supply. Tons of sweat fell on the floor but no one complained. Everyone was busy enjoying the concert.

Thank God we had one day off before the next show. But it wasn't all rest because we had to do a mall promo. Bad weather threatened to spoil the Iloilo show which was at an open air venue-the city's sports complex. Lots of bugs & mosquitoes joined the over 5000 strong that watched and enjoyed the show to the max. A fireworks display reminiscent of new year ended the concert.

Boat ride to Bacolod from Iloilo. It was more pleasant than we expected. The La Salle Gym has not air conditioning. Another hot and sweaty show but nobody paid no mind. Everyone sang along and enjoyed.

I have to admit that in my 5 years of promoting concerts, Air Supply is one of the most trouble-free tours I've done. These guys are a dream to work with. Russell & Graham are very sweet. Jed, Joni and Mike (the band) are super, road manager Sparky is cool. Technical crew Robyn, Jeremy, Michael and Nathan are not only great but funny with an exclamation mark.

Graham celebrated his birthday in Manila on June 11th, Russel in Davao on June 15th and Sparky in Bacolod on June 19.

Many Thanks to Madame Imelda Marcos and Ding.

SUBIC: Bong Cuevas, Armand Arezza, Raul Marcelo, Ronald Tan, Ivy Abadam, Niquee Gordon, Louie Moloa, Mayor and Vice Gov. Bong Gordon, Isa Esquivel and Jean Lugan.

CEBU: Bobot Ramos, Cenilyn Maguilomotan and Rene Mercado

MANILA: Madame Anabel, David Halili, Malou Rosal, Jenny Santillan, Alvin Marasigan, Manny Atacador, Henry Lapis, Miss Maureen, Solomon and Quickie.

DAVAO: Chepo & Glenn Garcia, the McDale Staff and Neljo Econ.

ILOILO: Ric Patricio, Ed Sonza and Manny Gruenberg (he made things happen)

BACOLOD: Jake Piccio, Paul Moles, Miles del Oeste, Ronnie Lesaguis and Raymark Mollenido.

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