“Your daughter’s name is RUSSELL? Why?” It’s the common remark I hear whenever friends ask for my daughter’s name. I named her after AIR SUPPLY’S two RUSSELLS- RUSSELL HITCHCOCK and GRAHAM RUSSELL.

AIR SUPPLY has been one of my all time favorite performers since the 80s and although their songs are in every jukebox, Karaoke clubs, MTV, AM, FM and even elevators, like most Pinoys, I couldn’t seem to get enough of their music.

I actually met the guys back in the 90s when I covered their Press Conference for my TV show “Celebrity Secrets” at Galleria Suites (now Holiday Inn Galleria) tendered by Rudy Tee, CEO of Sony Music (Sony-BMG back then). I was already star struck and impressed at that time and dreamt of promoting them in a concert. Fast forward about a decade later. It was Valentine 2008 when I found out they were doing a world tour from my promoter friend in Macau. AIR SUPPLY hasn’t been to the Philippines for a long time and I was positive their fans would like to see them live again. I convinced him to introduce me to AIR SUPPLY Management so I could make an offer for the Philippines. It wasn’t easy though and took me a couple of months to negotiate and seal the deal. My instincts were proven right and we did 6 sold out shows in the Philippines (Araneta Coliseum, Subic, Cebu, Davao, Bacolod and Ilo-ilo). Although our schedule was so tight, six shows in seven days, I got close to the guys and enjoyed every minute of it. Im proud to say AIR SUPPLY is one of the very few groups Ive brought to the country that have given me the least headaches and worries. They are so professional and their entourage works cohesively as a team. From the guitar technician to the lighting director (the only female member of the entourage) to the band and of course Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock.

Right after their 2008 Philippine tour, I already initiated negotiation to bring them back in 2009. There were some Philippine cities who wanted to have them but due to time constraints weren’t able to. After countless phone calls, postponements, trips to Los Angeles and emails, the deal got signed in July 2009. As expected, the Philippine schedule is so tight again. Clark Expo on Oct 1, fly early next day to General Santos City for the Oct 2 concert at Lagao Gym then wake up early next day for the flight back to Manila for the Oct 3 show at Araneta Coliseum. Oct 4, They leave at 6AM for the 5 hour flight to Kuala Lumpur via Singapore (plus a 2 hour bus ride to Genting Highlands) and next day, onward to Palembang and Jakarta- 2 shows in Indonesia promoted by my friend Tommy Pratama, then to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) for another 2 shows then back to Manila for the Koronadal City show on Oct 12. The Philippine tour extends to Doha Qatar where there will be a show at Ceremonial Court on Oct 15 for the Filipino community. Whew!

Graham and Russell spent both their birthdays here last year ( June 12 & 15) and had celebrations almost every night. They love Philippine hospitality, friendliness and the knack to sing along in tune. They would have wanted to spend a few days in the sun in one of our Boracay or Cebu resorts this year but due to hectic scheduling, it will have to wait. AIR SUPPLY does around 100 shows every year around the world and spend over 100 days flying or traveling on the road. Im honestly amazed how they do it and still perform almost perfect shows every night.

The Saturday, October 3 show at the Araneta Coliseum titled “NOW & FOREVER” promises to be another wonderful treat to all AIR SUPPLY fans. There will be singalomgs from start to finish (Most Steve O’ Neal Productions post the song lyrics of every song performed on big screen) and the entire repertoire will be the hits us Pinoys love- HERE I AM, THE ONE THAT YOU LOVE, EVEN THE NIGHTS ARE BETTER, TWO LESS LONELY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, EVERY WOMAN IN THE WORLD, I CANT WAIT FOREVER, MAKING LOVE OUT OF NOTHING AT ALL, SWEET DREAMS, WITHOUT YOU, LOST IN LOVE, LONELY IS THE NIGHT, etc. Also featured in the concert are the phenomenal rockabilly band BEMBOL ROCKERS and the sexy girl group POSH.

AIR SUPPLY “NOW & FOREVER” is presented by Hyatt Hotel & Casino, House of Obagi, ABS CBN and the official concert station RJ100 FM in cooperation with PCSO, American Rag, Business Mirror, Philstar Online, Face & Figure Center, Perez Optical, Hard Rock Café, R Sun, IFM, Crossover, Jack TV, ETC, 2nd Ave, Franz Burger, Getzmo.com and Tsikot.com. Tickets available at all Ticketnet outlets (911 5555) and SM Malls.

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