SHEENA EASTON, "For Your Love Only" this Feb 12, 2009
See Sheena Easton Live!
Araneta Coliseum, February 12, 2009

Sing and Dance-a-long with her hits!
Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair), So Far So Good, Almost Over You, Strut, Morning Train (9 to 5), We've Got Tonight and more...
with special guest: RX 80's band

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Let's Make a Memory: Rex Smith

Simply Jessie, You Take My Breath Away, Everlasting Love, Forever
and many more Broadway Hits...

Feb 7 Pavilion Hotel Bacolod
Feb 12 Heritage Ballroom Heritage Hotel & Casino
Feb 13 PICC CCP Complex
Feb 14 Victoria Ballroom Park Lane Hotel Cebu
Feb 15 Central Bank Convention Center Davao

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National Bookstores
, Ayala Malls, Robinsons Outlets and Cebu Pacific Outlets

with special guests:




and the RX80's Band

“Totoe’d” for 3 weeks with BOBBY KIMBALL

Having been in the concert business for over 5 years, I’ve been blessed with artists who are not only talented but real nice persons. Bobby Kimball excels in the nice department. The moment I met him at the airport, I knew in my heart he was gonna be fun and I wasn’t wrong. Bobby had a playful personality and loved to play pranks with an exploding pen on anyone he met- be it a Mayor, a TV host or a fan.

On stage, he was the total opposite. - A serious musician with high standards for his craft and consistently reliable. In a span of just over 3 weeks, Bobby crammed 14 gigs, a dozen plane trips, six mall promos, Radio/TV appearances, Interviews and press conferences. Even for a promoter like me who around just to supervise, I felt much pressure and stress and Bobby, he never complained even when he was sick and dehydrated for several days due to stomach trouble.

Musically, I learned one very important fact on this tour. No matter where the performance was, be it Davao or Bali, It were the love songs that ruled and were tremendously applauded. It’s difficult to go wrong with love songs.

I’ve sat beside Bobby on most of the plane trips and learned so much about his personal life and the music business. He was mighty proud of the 300 KOI fish that he tends to in his Encino home, his simple pleasures, his careers ups and downs, the rock gods he rubbed elbows with and most important, his on and off stint with TOTO that recently disbanded again after the “Falling In Between” tour. Besides being a TOTO member, Bobby has sung back up together with Michael McDonald and Bill Champlin (Chicago) for the biggest artists in the industry including Barbra Streisand and the like.

2008 is Bobby’s third straight year of being on the road and he longs to take a month’s vacation at home before embarking on his road tour in February 09 starting in Monte Carlo.

Here are some highlights of the Asian tour I took with him:

Nov 12: Bobby’s initial gig was at the HERITAGE Hotel and Casino. He performed for a select group of VIPS, Ambassadors, CEO’S and Politicians. Show highlight included rendition of “Rosanna” with a female group called the “PLAYGIRLS”.

Nov 14: With jet lag starting to kick in, we flew to DAVAO and performed at CAP Auditorium. It was in Davao that BOBBY ate his first batch of fresh Mangosteen and never stopped raving about it afterwards.

Nov. 15: TAGUM from my initial observation seemed to be a real sleepy town and to my mind, I was already resolved to the fact that this will be our least attended show. As we entered the dark driveway of the venue named St. Mary’s Gym, I was taken aback with how long the queue of young people was that snaked around the Campus. We got more surprised when the overflow crowd sang along to the hits and greeted every song with thunderous applause and shrieks. Bobby promised Mother Superior (the only person who escaped his exploding pen prank) that he would be back for sure.

Nov. 16: GENERAL SANTOS was a 3 hour plus drive from Davao city thru a circuitous route that crossed a couple of mountains. I wasn’t sure what to expect since this was the first time for any member of the entourage to visit the city of marvelous Tuna. GenSan Mayor Acharon himself welcomed us with a sumptuous seafood lunch and we fell in love with the city right away. Bobby Kimball made history by being the first international artist to perform in the city at the fully air conditioned Lagao Gymnasium where a record crowd of over 5000 witnessed it.

Nov. 19: CAGAYAN DE ORO has been one of my favorite cities in the south. Bobby was amazed that in this very distant part of the world, people are using 2nd generation iphones and MacBook Airs. As in all past shows, the concert at Lim Ket Kai Atrium was well attended and applauded.

Nov. 20: HYATT Hotel & Casino was the 1st Manila venue Bobby would perform on the trip. An overflow crowd of elegantly dressed couples garbed in Pradas, Armanis and Guccis with matching “bling blings” enjoyed Hyatt’s haute cuisine before the main event of the evening. Bobby did a sterling performance and the night’s guest artists were Olivia and Joe Lamont.

Nov. 21: ALIW Theater was the main event of the entire tour. The featured guests included the famed retro band RX80’S, Joe Lamont and guest drummer/TV Host Willie Revillame. An almost full house crowd sang along with Bobby. Premium concert review writer Yugel Losorata of the Bulletin was appalled by Bobby Kimball’s vocal range and performance level. He also commented on the tightness of the band.

Nov. 22: Although suffering from a bum stomach with a slight fever, Bobby took the 4 hour flight to BEIJING. What a trouper. At the show, the pre dominantly expat audience applauded the performance to the hilt. Bobby was the first International artist to make it to Hard Rock Beijing and definitely wont be the last. Unfortunately, Bobby wasn’t able to fulfill his dream of visiting the Great Wall because he was bed ridden.

Nov. 26: Feeling a little better but deprived of much needed rest and sleep, Bobby hit Singapore with an exclamation mark. Although rumors flew around that he wont impress the discriminating TOTO fans who were in attendance (as intimated by a Singaporean Hard Rock executive), he silenced his critics with an almost flawless performance that was highlighted with non stop dancing by some over excited fans.

Nov. 27: Thanksgiving day was hot and rainy in BALI but nobody complained. We were all awestruck with the beauty of the island and the uniqueness of the Hard Rock hotel. In my mind, I had that nagging anxiety about some possible terrorist activity (It was just days ago that they executed the Bali bombers and there were rumors about possible retaliation) but just kept it to myself and relaxed. The show was on at 11PM past. Hard Rock was filled to the brim and despite the fact the air conditioning was turned up to full blast and it was raining outside, everyone was hot and sweaty. Throughout the performance, Bobby’s voice could hardly be heard because everyone sang along. The response was tremendous and the sound was tops. This was one of the best performances of the tour.

Nov. 28: Another day, another flight, another city. Bobby was feeling much better today. His appetite has returned and was ready to hit JAKARTA head on. The newly renovated and relocated Hard Rock Café Jakarta was inside a new mall. Again, we had the distinction of being the first International artist to perform there. It was a packed house reeking with cigarette smoke that smelled like burning cloves. As in all shows, the major sing along songs were “Stairway to Heaven” and I’ll Be Over You”.

Nov. 29: KUALA LUMPUR was the last leg before returning to Manila for the final 2 gigs. I love their airport - Uncongested and spacious. We decided to proceed directly to the newly renovated Hard Rock and do the sound check. At 7PM, people started to line up. By 11PM you wouldn’t be able to move without bumping into a body. It was so darn full that the band had to stay onstage instead of doing an exit for the encore because there was no place to move. Everybody sang along again. A local DJ intimated to me that in Malaysia, “I’ll Be Over You” is the number 1 TOTO song. Funny- I think I heard that line before.

Dec. 1: CEBU Park Lane Hotel International was the venue for 3 days of relaxation for Bobby. Park Lane GM Cen Maguilomotan made sure he was pampered to the max with massages, good food and Wagyu steak. Bobby also succeeded in charming some press people with his wit and wisdom partly erasing the disappointment with the TOTO performance last April at the Waterfront Hotel.

Dec. 3: recently opened H2 BAR in Remedios St. Malate had Bobby and the band for some special guests and VIPS.

Dec. 5: HARD ROCK Makati was the last gig before Bobby’s long Christmas vacation. The pre dominantly expat crowd cheered and applauded every song performed. The band was really fired up and had much fun on this final performance. It was a tearful goodbye to a dynamic and creative person.

Dec. 7: We watched the Pacquiao/Dela Hoya fight via satellite together inside the fully packed Heritage ballroom then rushed to the Podium for the final Mall promo. From there, he went straight to the airport for his return flight to Los Angeles. As the plane doors closed, Bobby even managed to make a goodbye call and express his gratitude. What a sweet guy. Bye Bobby! Hope to see you soon.

I feel some pride deep inside me that despite some minor hiccups at the start of the tour, we ended it with a bang. The tour would not have been possible without the pinoy band that backed up Bobby; Otep Obama Concepcion on drums, Rolly Roldan on bass, Roy Marinduque on guitar, Neal Baruelo and Marie Nallos on back up vocals, Carlo Gaa as MD and on Keyboards. Bruce Conte was the wonderful guest artist. Behind the scenes: Grace Fernandez-Production Manager; Howard Long Tall Medina-Artist Liaison; Joy del Pilar- Bobby’s personal assistant, Ramon Escobar-Travel Liaison and Adrian Angeles-Technical Engineer.